There are worlds within worlds

  Widely excepted, obvious and objective reality, the one we are all thought to see and accept through upbringing and social and cultural influences, is not really everything that life and living have to offer. Depending on the spectrum of one’s desires, needs and fears; one`s content, each human being creates and experiences actual reality differently.  It is an endless stream of singular worlds coexisting in one whole of human existence; unwinding of the spiritual existence parallel to the material one. The real reality is made out of endless number of layers. Each layer has its own dominant influence or quality; its atmosphere.
  I am interested in the atmospheres of the various worlds or existences, and creatively expressible self-realization through them. Using format and technique I am abstracting atmospheres of my micro-cosmoses into photographs. Some are about my identity as a woman; others witness the subtleness in the intercommunication of people, as well as of genders; and some emphasize the contemplative being and the presence of a spiritual side to a material existence. Using photography as a medium I am offering to the viewers an opportunity to see and feel some of my atmospheres, some of my worlds, to feel if such a key can find an adequate key-hole inside themselves.

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  1. Bravo Mirjana .... odlicne su ti fotke ... rece mi Andrijana, da imas svoj Blog...i evo sad sam pogledao...svaka cast ...pozzz
    Nemanja Zdravkovic

  2. hvala mili! ja bih se radovala da mogu negde da pratim tvoj rad pa ako se odlucis da postavljas pliz javi!