The Loop

We are visual artists from Belgrade, Serbia. We are working, for a number of years now, as independent artists trying to present ourselves and our comprehension of the world through our artistic expression. In our search of how to present our work to the public, and thus materialize some form of communication with them, we found ourselves in front of an obvious phenomenon and a world trend at the present. An opportunity to exhibit demanded of us to develop communication and manager skills, just as the laws of global trade demand.
 In paradox, to present a state of a free spirit or opinion, an artist-manager has to understand how to fit in the frame of exhibiting practice, social conditions and constitutions of different countries and regions.
Humorous approach in the installation “The Loop” came out of the real experience we gained during our two weeks stay in Karlsruhe, Germany, it represents exactly that “enchanted circle” of artist’s production. This work is in progress and will include two more additions to the installation from different cities before the end of exhibition.
Pedja Damjanovic and Mirjana Miri Ristic-Damjanovic

This instalation was exhibited in Karlsruhe, Germany, in May 2010.

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